Asbestos Removal Training Courses

A worker wearing protective clothing while clearing the hazardous substance,asbestos,from an old attic.

Remove non-friable Asbestos

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Asbestos Removal

Supervise Asbestos Removal

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Asbestos Training

Do you need training in removing asbestos to become a licenced asbestos removalist.

Occupational licenses are required nationally and work must be completed according to relevant legislative, industry, customer and organisational requirements. See Worksafe on how to apply to become an licenced removalist.

The type of asbestos can be friable or non-friable.

Take the asbestos courses to assist you in applying for the Class B licence-holder which is permitted to remove non-friable asbestos.

Removing less than 10 sq metres - in the workplace with management or control

An employer, a self-employed person or a person who manages or controls a workplace (i.e. a commercial property owner) can  conduct a limited amount of asbestos removal work without a licence if:

  • the asbestos-containing material is non-friable; and
  • the area of asbestos-containing material to be removed does not exceed 10 square metres in total; and
  • the total time asbestos removal work is performed in any period of seven days does not exceed one hour (this period is the cumulative total time the asbestos removal work is carried out by all employees over a period of seven days).

Although unlicensed removal of asbestos is permitted in these circumstances, it is generally not recommended as it may be safer for a licensed asbestos removalist to perform the removal work

If engaging a licensed asbestos removalist remember:

Class A licensed asbestos removalists can remove both friable and non-friable asbestos.

Class B licensed asbestos removalists can remove only non-friable asbestos.

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