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The purpose of the complaints policy is to ensure that:

  • HTI follows the principles of fairness and natural justice in dealing with all complaints and grievances;
  • students have a clear understanding of the steps involved in reporting a complaint or grievance;
  • reassure students that any complaints or grievances will be taken seriously.


All students of HTI have the right to raise any complaints or grievances without fear of retribution or threat to continuation of service. All students will be provided with assistance in reporting complaints or grievances.

All complaints or grievances will be treated seriously and will be responded to quickly and confidentially in writing. All complaints and requests for an appeal are acknowledged in writing and finalised as soon as practicable.

A secure record will be kept of all complaints, grievances or appeals and maintained and a copy placed into the individual staff or students file.

HTI recognises the right of all staff & students to seek the assistance of an external organisation to resolve the complaint, grievance or appeal. All complaints and grievances will be treated as opportunities for improvement and actioned as part of HTI Continuous Improvement.

HTI will process and finalise all complaints and appeals within 60 calendar days and will inform the complainant or appellant in writing and provide regular updates to the complainant or appellant on the progress of the matter within this time.

HTI will provide for review by an appropriate party independent of the RTO and the complainant or appellant, at the request of the individual making the complaint or appeal, if the processes fail to resolve the complaint or appeal.

Local Level Resolution

HTI encourages open communication and an environment of trust. Any person with a complaint or grievance is encouraged to raise the matter directly with the other party concerned.  If the matter has resulted from a classroom or training incident, the participant should attempt to resolve the issue through discussion with the trainer at the end of the session.

Resolution by Management

Should the matter remain unresolved, the student is encouraged to submit a Complaints Form. Please contact the Compliant Manager for a complaint form to be sent to you.

Complaints will be handled by an appropriately designated person depending upon the nature of the complaint, staff availability and the staff member/s referred to in the complaint.

The complaint policy is also available in the student handbook and provides information on how to submit a complaint.

Upon request, staff will,

Explain to students the steps involved in submitting a complaint or grievance

  • Provide the contact details for the Complaints Manager
  • Provide a Complaints Form
  • Provide a complaint form

A compliant concerning a third-party

Should the complaint concern a third party the matter will be looked at immediately by the CEO and the necessary action will be taken to resolve the issue.

The complaint can be issued verbally to any HTI staff member and/or via the complaints form. Please contact head office on 03 9587 4966 to request a form.

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